a big week

It is not often you get two big events in your life taking place in the same week but that is the situation I found myself in when my graduation fell just a few days before my birthday.

Graduation is a weird day because you’ve been gearing up for it pretty much since the beginning of university. Every year that passes you see your Facebook feed flooded with cap and gown photographs as older friends graduate & you can’t help but think “that will be me soon”. So when that day finally arrives it feels a little bizarre.



Despite the big build up & expectations, the ceremony wasn’t really what I expected. You don’t wear your mortar board during the actual ceremony (which makes me question why they cost so damn much to rent) & you are only on stage for a few short seconds before you find yourself descending the stairs back to your seat. However, the speeches given & the general atmosphere does fill you with a deep sense of pride of all that you have accomplished and what those around you have too. It is also really sweet watching all the parents as they get misty-eyed watching their little babies all grown up.


My best advice is take pictures BEFORE the ceremony if you can, especially if you’re going to be crammed into a stuffy hall in your heavy gown for two hours. Take as many pictures as possible because it’s your day and you deserve to have a full blown photoshoot. Especially as this will probably be the only time you graduate unless you go on to do more academic study. And, finally – let your professors know if you’re staying in your university city because chances are you’ll be invited to be on the alumni pub quiz team & that is the biggest honour they can bestow on you!


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As I said at the beginning of this post – it was also my birthday this week. I’m not gonna dwell on it too much because as a general rule people don’t really care about your birthday as much as you do. However, considering this was the first birthday I was spending away from my hometown, it was pretty fab. Despite a false start when the bowling alley was FULL, I had a great time eating vegan cake, shopping for books & having drinks in the many funky bars that Leicester has to offer with some fab pals.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sorry for the intermittent posting – just figuring out this work/life/blog balance thang. 


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