my first demo

Eek! I know, I have been away for some time. It has been down to (in equal parts), lack of time, lack of inspiration and lack of energy. Nevertheless, I am back on the blog and ready to tell you all about my first animal rights demonstration.

Warning: in this post there is a disturbing image of dead animals. This is the suffering that takes place every day.

A few weeks ago, Viva!, an amazing animal rights charity, encouraged groups to hold demonstrations outside Tescos all over the country. This call to action was due to Tesco using a supplier which was discovered to have, to be frank, VILE conditions. I urge you to take a look at Viva’s findings  but to give you an idea – the pigs are so squashed together they are lying in their own excrement and disease spreads quickly. The pigs are forced to lie next to their brothers and sisters, who have died in these awful conditions, for days, and due to the mentally unstable environment they are in, they often turn to cannibalism.

Warning: disturbing image below.




I am part of an animal rights group and one of the members (and my dear friend), organised a demo outside of local Tesco shops. I was a little nervous because it was my first demo but the people in my group are all so lovely and because we are all like minded when it comes to animals it makes for easy conversation and vegan tip swapping!

signs covered so as not to disclose location

Despite a few ignorant people oinking at me or saying “mm bacon” (insert eye roll here) we actually had a very positive response. We got about 50 signatures on our petition calling for Tesco’s to drop Hogwood as a supplier and the staff were actually very reasonable with us, which isn’t always the case.

We also met more vegans in the wild (by this we mean, not in our animal rights  group haha!) than ever before, including kids! It shows how much there is a significant shift in people’s thinking about where their food comes from and the suffering there is in order to produce it. We also had a lovely guy from Bamboo Street Food bring us all vegan smoothies to keep us going. It really was a very positive day for activism.


Being part of an animal rights group and doing demonstrations isn’t a requirement of being vegan and vice versa. However, it is worth thinking about the level of suffering and the lack of care these animals get before they arrive on your plate. This happens in farms across the country, not just Hogwood. Pigs are as intelligent and emotionally aware as dogs. You wouldn’t eat your dog. Make the connection.

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