holy moly!

You guessed it, a month to the day & I am back in this tiny little corner of the internet ready to ramble like never before. 

I am actually typing up a recording of myself rambling whilst out on a walk on Easter Sunday, in an attempt to get some fresh air & give myself a chance to listen to John Mayer’s new album.

I think this break has done me the world of good as I’m feeling a lot more authentic and more focused on what I want to write & how to make my blog the safe space I want it to be rather than having a one track mind that only cared about numbers.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting, a lot has gone on, some of which I alluded to in my post a month ago and some of which has happened since. Most heartbreakingly, my little labrador Maisy was unfortunately found to have two huge un-treatable tumors which meant having to say an extremely hard goodbye. There will be a post up soon in tribute to her & explaining just how much that dog did for me & mental health.

I also want to talk more about spirituality which I know will make some people instantly click off this tab & run away but like I said, I want this to be an authentic and safe space to discuss a range of topics. Whilst I am not religious I do believe in the power of the universe and right now, I have this little flame inside me that wants to explore spirituality a little more. This really came about after watching Cartia Mallan’s video: My Journey with Spirituality & Astrology. It’s definitely a very personal journey but I want to share little snippets to help others who are on this similar train & are totally overwhelmed and maybe even a little embarrassed about the whole thing. I certainly know people in my life who I don’t feel comfortable talking to about this kind of thing so I’m sure others do too.

At this point in the recording the wind picked up & the threat of rain was heavy so I took it as my cue.

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Thank you for all your support whilst I have been away & I look forward to writing again soon

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the end of the blog?

I’ve been thinking about going on a bit of a hiatus with COMPLETELYRAMBLING. This is, in part, because of my upcoming university deadlines but it is mainly because I have fallen out of love with blogging recently. Rather than relaxing me I feel like I have become a bit too obsessed with stats & that was never what this space was supposed to be about.

I still have a lot to say about mental health but I don’t feel like I’m in a place where I can share any of it at the moment. It’s all a bit too close at the moment & talking about it on the internet wouldn’t be great for anyone.

I’m still going to be online (all my links below) but right now I’m saving all of my thoughts for an outlet outside of the internet. If I’m hit with any inspiration then I’m sure I will be back BUT for now I want to live offline for a while.


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remember when

Whilst on a dog walk recently, I had this overwhelming sense of nostalgia for days at school. Those frilly cotton socks I wore to school, pencil cases full to the brim, a red satchel I wore with pride and a hug at the end of the day.

Inevitably when I think of being little I think about my mum because my only memories of her are from when I was young. Usually, it means that my nostalgia is always tinged with sadness. This time was a little different. Through therapy I am trying to learn how to remember my mum without feeling like I will end up in a heap on the floor. So this time I tried this out.

I remembered how she used to wait by the door for my bus to drop me off and when I walked in the door she would have a slice of cake and a cup of tea (with 2 sugars) on the table for me. At the time I never thought about it but now I know how kind that little gesture was. I would dump my bag and coat and take off my school shoes. I would cuddle the dogs and chat about my day.

Memories like these are so important when you lose someone.

I don’t really know where I was going with the post. I guess I’m trying to say, appreciate the little things people do for you and I guess I’m also trying to say, it’s okay to be sad when you lose someone but don’t let that be all you hold onto. Remember the happy times because they are the most precious treasure you have.

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march goals

  1. Trying to meditate at least three times a week. This seems to be a regular goal that crops up whenever I write posts like this one and I never seem to stick to it. I have decided that trying to meditate every day just isn’t feasible at the moment so I’m hoping reducing it to 5 minutes, 3 times a week might mean that I actually achieve it. For me, it is super important to look after my mind, especially as this upcoming month sees a LOT of potentially stressful deadlines looming (see goal no.3).
  2.  Stepping up my instagram game. I really want to try and grow my engagement on Instagram this month by uploading more regularly and putting a little more thought into what I post.
  3. This month is going to see a LOT of deadlines. I’m talking two essays, two presentations AND a dissertation chapter… welcome to final year! So this goal, whilst a little boring, is a necessary one. Staying organised, keeping on top of things, and getting all the assignments done. Right now I am feeling pretty confident about it all as I’m not the kind of person that is capable of leaving things until the last minute. As of right now I am ahead of schedule so as long as I can keep up this pace I’m sure I will be fine

Those are my three main goals for this month. Have you got anything that you want to achieve this month?

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7 days (feb 2017)

insert craig david joke here


It’s been a little while since I did a little update & because I’ve had a pretty interesting week I thought I would do a post about all I have been up to in the last seven days.

Last weekend Cam & I went to visit my best friend since birth & her fab boyfriend for the weekend. They showed us around where they lived & we consumed a HUGE amount of food. They took us for cider tapas where you get three 1/3 pints of different ciders to try AND THEN we went and had burgers & bottomless fries. It is safe to say we rolled out of their house when it was time to leave but it was worth it.

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We then headed off to see my dad & my gorgeous Maisy Moo for a walk around a country park on a particularly muddy day – as can be seen from my trainers. Honestly, it is my own fault for wearing white trainers! It was a weekend of catching up with loved ones & provided a perfect opportunity to get out of the university bubble for a few days.

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Speaking of dogs, I had to fight every urge in me to call this post a (p)update because I got a job walking two dogs this week & they have quickly become one of the things I most look forward to in my day. There is definitely something relaxing about letting yourself & your mind wander for an hour or so, especially when the company your keeping is so darn cute.

You may remember a couple of months ago I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and saw Stuart Goldsmith, one of my favourite podcasters, do his stand up show. Since then I have decided to make it a bit of a thing that I go & see some of the people behind my favourite podcasts live. Luckily, not long after deciding this Richard Herring of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast a.k.a. rhlstp (rhlstp) ((if you don’t listen to the podcast, i’m sorry – that reference will go completely over your head!)), advertised doing a show near me.

Sorry that sentence was stupidly longwinded. 


Anyway, Richard Herring was doing a ‘Best of’ show & so my boyfriend & I bought tickets & hopped along to see it. It was brilliant! I won’t spend too long trying to explain how funny it was as I will only butcher the jokes. Just take my word for it! Richard hung around after the show so I plucked up the courage to say hi and get a picture with him – a vast improvement from when I met Stuart Goldsmith where I couldn’t get my words out and just hurried away. (Note: my boyfriend made me stand in the line & wouldn’t let me chicken out this time). Richard was super friendly & I really encourage going to see his show if he is playing near you.

In other news, I am in my last semester of my last year & if I thought I had a lot on last year I have even more this time around! But, I won’t bore you with the details of assignments, seminar readings & deadlines.


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A big ol’ stationery/homeware haul

After last week’s more serious blog post I wanted to do something a little more light-hearted and fun (well fun for me and fun for anyone who has a thing for stationery). Little disclaimer: I got all of these products from Typo with my own money, they haven’t contacted me about talking about these products, I just really like stationery/homeware and I like this online store. Cool, now we have that out of the way let’s get on with this haul.

coffee cup

I recently saw a news segment on the amount of waste that is created from takeaway coffee cups because they are lined with something that makes them non-recyclable. As an avid coffee drinker this made me feel incredibly guilty so I invested in this travel takeout cup. I think some of the bigger name coffee chains also give you a discount if you bring your own cup so that’s an incentive! I love this one because it says:


*this is probably wine

I don’t really need to explain why I love this do I?

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water bottle

Another huge waste problem comes from water bottles, especially when people don’t even recycle them! Sorry, this wasn’t meant to be a preachy post but ya girl cares about the planet. Anyway, my other water bottle leaks everywhere which isn’t great so I bought this one. It is HUGE which is great because there is nothing worse than being halfway through a lecture and running out of water AND it has a clip so you can attach it to your bag, freeing up your hands for insta-scrolling.

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marble manila folders

Wow a blogger buying something with a marble print – how unique! (please note my obvious sarcasm). These are super helpful for lecture handouts and they come in a pack of 5 so I am using them to organise all the crap that clutters my desk. They are also only £4 at the moment which is such a bargain.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


These pens are called the ‘smooth operator’ pens and if that doesn’t already sell it to you then we are very different people. These are the kind of pens you don’t want to lend to people because they are so great.



I don’t really have a reason for buying this, I just liked the design and I hoard notebooks

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

sticker book

I use a bullet journal and I wanted to snazz it up a bit with some stickers. These are mermaid themed: think pink, blue, holographic, sassy quotes, mermaid tails. It’s kind of perfect

what’s your favourite place to buy stationery? (tell me so i can buy more things i don’t really need but give me the illusion of organisation)

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lost & loss

i lost a big part of who i am this weekend.

i said goodbye to my family home, where i have lived since i was three years old.

all of my memories were made there.

we got our first dog when we moved into that house. i loved her.

i had my friends over for birthday parties and sleepovers. we would stay up late eating sugary sweets, watching films and taking pictures thinking we looked cool.

i had my first kiss in that house. it wasn’t great.

so many christmases have been spent there. lights winding round the tree, christmas cards pinned to the beams.

it was my sanctuary in my darkest times.

my mum lived and died there. it was her dream home & she loved every nook and cranny it had. one of her last wishes was to spend her last weeks in the home she had made with her family. she slipped into eternal sleep in her favourite place in the world.

i said goodbye to my family home, where i have lived since i was three years old.

all my memories were made there.

i am sad. this is difficult. i have lost the only place i have ever known.

but not my memories.

my memories i still hold close.